Ubiworx alarm system

Ubiworx has a complete alarm system that will inform you whenever an specific event occurs. There are two kind of alarms, predefined alarms and user defined alarms.

  • Predefined alarms: Predefined alarms are the basic system defined alarms. Every gateway will be able to switch off a system alarm on some specific events.

  • Limit alarms: this alarms are categorized as LIMIT.

    • Sensor out of range: Triggered when a sensor read a value that is outside the user defined maximum/minimum on the sensor configuration.
  • System alarms: this alarms are categorized as SYSTEM.

    • No update from sensor: Triggered when a sensor is not reporting to the server at the specified sample rate on the sensor configuration.
    • Gateway unexpectedly stopped: If ubiworx crash, will trigger an alarm with the error traceback.
    • Gateway disconnected: Triggered if a gateway do not announce to the broker into the keep alive interval defined for it.
  • User defined alarms: You can define your own alarms using the alarm block on the gateway rules. You only need to create a rule that send a value diferent from 0 to the alarm block whenever you want the alarm to get off.

For more information about the alarm block go here.

Alarms panel usage


The alarm panel allows you to see and manage active alarms, grouped by category. For example at the upper image you can see three categories: LIMIT, RULES and SYSTEM.


You can indicate the system that you are aware of a specific alarm by acknowledging it. For doing it you should click on the eye icon a the right of the alarm.


Each alarm can have three different status indicated by the color of the exclamation sign:

  • Red: Means that this alarm is currently active and you haven’t acknowledged it, you will be able to see the specific date when this alarm got active at LAST ACTIVATED column.
  • Black: Means that this alarm is currently active and you have acknowledged it.
  • Grey: Means that this alarm got active at LAST ACTIVATED and then inactive at LAST DE-ACTIVATED and you has never acknowledged it.


All acknowledged alarms disappears from the panel when they get inactive.


It is possible to associate an action to an alarm, so whenever an alarm get off the action will be trigered. Currently we support email action, so you can tell the system to send you an email whenever an alarm is triggered.


You can associate an axtion also to a category, so you can setup the system to make an action every time an alarm of that category is triggered.

The same gear is available for each individual alarm, so will be also able to associate an action only for a specific alarm.