ubiworx™ changes an old '90's vending machine into an interactive, intelligent device.


Smart vending brings new ways to add efficiency to existing operations through data acquisition and analysis. Internet Of Things technology enables users to better manage different aspects of the machines like:


Stock Levels

Gathering Data and Telemetry Reading

Route Planning
for Refilling

Maintenance Visits



vending machine 1

An old AP113

We first acquired an old AP113 and we replaced the existing controller with a brand new UP board to be sure to take full advantage of all the features of our ubiworx™ framework.


Using low cost but powerful hardware such as the UP board enables cost-effective cloud connectivity and facilitates adding multimedia devices to improve the user experience adding multimedia devices.

emutex upboard slidetrasp

The UP board



inside vending machine hardware

The new board connected

We used an Intel™ vending machine board to do motor control, coin mechanism interfacing and keypad input.


That board is connected to an UP board to provide local control, intelligence, cloud connectivity and local display.


Ubiworx™ is running on the ubilinux™ Operating System and provides access to motor control, coin counting and keypad input.

vending machine board 3

The Intel™ vending board



ubiworx network

ubiworx™ schema

ubiworx™ comes with the edge devices side and the cloud infrastructure in one software product. It was easy then to give the sensor remote access and control.


We are also adding custom logic blocks for coin value accumulation and product price lookup. The web UI allows dynamic creation and tuning of logic rules to be executed by the gateway without ever having to physically access the gateway.

vending coin

A new coin counter


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