What is ubiworx?

ubiworx™ is a software technology that enables IoT for integration into solutions. It runs on embedded systems to form IoT Gateways that bridge sensors and actuators to data storage and reporting systems in the cloud to form complete end-to-end IoT enabled solutions..





Connect Sensors
and Actuators



Define Control Rules
and Process Data



Manage devices
and Collect Information

How it works

Using user-programmable rules, ubiworx™ processes sensor data to produce a valuable range of information and events which can be uploaded to cloud services or used to control actuators and machines.



ubiworx key features

ubiworx provides the intelligence and communication capability that enables Linux based embedded systems to function as secure and robust IoT gateways. Key features include:


Sensors Data Acquisition

Acquire data from wired and wireless sources such as motion, light and energy sensors.

Rules Engine and Actuator Control

Control connected devices via wired and wireless actuators, e.g. electrical motors and relays.

Data Aggregation and Analytics

Locally aggregate and analyse sensor data to produce information and events.


Secure the gateway and its software using device authentication, encrypted data storage and signed tamper-proof software.


Secure all communication with external systems using device authentication, encrypted network connections and encrypted data transmission.

Store and

Locally store information and events in the gateway before forwarding them to cloud services.


Remotely manage the gateway through cloud services, computers and smartphones.

Cloud Service Connectivity

Connect to ubiworx and/or 3rd party cloud services, both private and public.



ubiworx Technical Specifications

As a core component of IoT Gateways, ubiworx connects gateways to many types of sensor and actuator devices via “southbound” interfaces and to private monitoring/control systems and cloud services via “northbound” interfaces. The table below lists the supported interface types. Our engineering team will work with customers to adapt ubiworx to facilitate any unsupported interface types.



Linux Operating System (kernel 3.0 and higher), 64MB RAM, 32MB flash (minimum), X86, ARM (200MHz minimum)


SQLite, Emutex RTDB (real time in-memory database).

Supported Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Cumulocity, ThingWorx, SCADA and ERP systems.


Lua (to program Sensor and Actuator Control, Data Acquisition/ Aggregation/ Filtering/ Analytics, Event Management, Network Communication).

Northbound Interfaces
(to systems and cloud services)

MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS/REST, Plain Text, JSON, XML, CSV, SNMP, FTP, SMS, SIP, USB, Ethernet, WiFi (TCP/IP, UDP), GSM / 3G / 4G / LTE (SMS Text, Phone Calls, Data).


Fully Encrypted Network Communication (SSL/TLS), User Access Authentication Trusted Boot (where CPU/SoC supports it), Encrypted Data Storage (AES256), TPM keys used if available.

Southbound Interfaces
(to sensors and actuators)

MODBUS/ASCII & MODBUS/RTU, CAN, EtherNet/IP, BACnet, ADC (direct and via IIO), GPIO (including PWM), USB, Ethernet, WiFi (TCP/IP, UDP), ZigBee, XBee, Bluetooth, GPS.

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