Combining the power of ubiworx™, ubilinux™ and an UP board we have transformed a construction site connected to the cloud 24/7.


In response to a need of an important client, we designed a complete solution to constantly monitor a construction site, gathering data about noise and vibrations. Some of the challenges we had to face in this project were:


Remote data gathering of industrial grade sensors

Radically minimize the solution's cost

Provide 24/7 monitoring and real-time notifications

Design an off-the-grid solution



ubiworx legacy sensors

Noise and vibrations sensors

On the construction site the most commonly used data collector instruments would gather data and store it on SD cards which would have to be collected manually.


They would include no remote management or network access capabilities.

emutex glenside tilt

A tilt sensor



ubiworx ubilinux

The ubiworx™ stack

Thanks to ubiworx™ framework, we easily connected all the legacy instruments to an unique intelligent layer linked to the cloud, hence implementing an incredibly cost-effective solution.


Ubiworx is running on the ubilinux™ operating system and they both rely on the power of an UP board.

emutex upboard slidetrasp

The UP board



ubiworx key features

ubiworx schema

ubiworx™ comes with the edge devices side and the cloud infrastructure in one software product. It was easy to give all the sensors remote access and control.


Thanks also to the power of the hardware, we were able to run CPU intensive tasks providing the cloud with ready-to-plot data.

IP67 box

The II67 box that hosts the solution


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