What is it?

The Weather Balloon Stratosphere Flight was the winning project of the Emutex Software Innovator Of The Year Scholarship 2014.

Gerard Prunty, a 4th year Computer Science student at University College Cork (UCC), launched a weather sensor system into the Earth's stratosphere with the help of a weather balloon. This system was comprised of an Intel Galileo hardware platform and software developed by Gerard under the guidance of Emutex engineers.


When Gerard dreamt of developing a system with his own two hands and sending it 30 km above the Earth's surface, he never thought the day would arrive where he would see it come to life. Gerard, a Computer Science student and a maker, grew this ambitious idea into an exciting project that had the potential to provide meaningful data as well as stunning video footage.

Gerard had decided that the focus of the project would be to develop a weather sensor system. He would then send it to the Earth's stratosphere to gather information on the harsh environmental conditions at that height. Temperatures can reach as low as -60 degrees Celsius on a trip through the troposphere and tropopause before "warming" to -30 degrees Celsius at the stratosphere. The magnitude of this task did not deter Gerard as he aimed to see his project in action.

Read more about it on www.emutexlabs.com

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