What is it?

MySensors is a demonstration of Emutex’s ubiworx product in a potential industrial application. Installed on an ARM Cortex A8 platform, ubiworx connects a variety of sensors and actuators to a smart gateway allowing them to be monitored, managed and controlled, from web apps and mobile devices.


Using the ubiworx industrial IoT framework for data acquisition from a variety of different sensor inputs via GPIO, I2C, IIO, Ethernet, USB and MODBUS, we can aggregate and analyse data locally and trigger events at the device level. For example the fan can be set to come on when the temperature goes above a certain level, or the alarm can be triggered when the PIR motion detector and one of the door sensors are triggered in the same period. The RFID reader can be used to keep track of who is in a facility at any time. The noise detector monitors noise levels while the DIGI Xbee device measures both temperature and light levels. Using ubiworx we can trigger events locally to turn on and off devices, send SMS messages and raise alarms depending on user definable threshold levels.

Read more about it on www.emutexlabs.com

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