Emutex is pleased to announce that we have released a new version of our ubiworx™ software framework for IoT devices. The new version is ubiworx™ 0.9.0 and includes many new improvements.

These improvements include:

  • Fully encrypted and authenticated communication
    • Automatic setup and installation of keys
  • MQTT authentication and read/write permissions
    • Prevent vendors from reading each others topics
  • Xbee protocol support
  • EnOcean protocol support
  • Support for various new sensors such as:
    • BFM 136 Energymeter
    • Carlo Gavazzi EM21 Energymeter
    • EnOcean STM 330, STM 320 and more
    • Xbee analog and digital in-/outputs
    • GrovePi LCD display
    • TOSR 02-08 Xbee and serial
  • New nodes in Local Logic
    • Accumulator node
    • Lua node to handle logic with custom Lua code
  • Improved REST API
    • Better performance
    • Full HTTPS support
  • Improved GUI
    • Local Logic presents dynamically loaded dropdown lists
    • Sensor values are preloaded from database
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


ubiworx™ is our IoT software framework for embedded systems running Linux. ubiworx™ enables embedded systems to bridge sensors, actuators and machines with data analytics systems and smart phone applications to form complete IoT Gateways in Internet of Things solutions.



 ubiworx™ - your gateway to connecting devices and data to systems and people


For more information please contact us, or to register for ubiworx Lite click here.

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