We used our ubiworx™ software framework to implement an energy monitoring solution alongside SunSource Energy's Solar Cool refrigeration installation at a Spar supermarket in Glen Easton, Leixlip, Co. Kildare. 

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The aim of this project was to significantly reduce the existing refrigeration application's large consumption of electricity thereby eliminating a large portion of the business' ever increasing energy overheads, permanently. Refrigeration is one of the largest overheads for businesses, after staff costs, so reducing this would be a huge advantage to Spar. Another very important issue that was addressed in this ground breaking project was the reduction of carbon emissions.


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Using SolarCool technology, SunSource were able to achieve significant energy reduction in the supermarket's refrigeration systems. Our role was to prove the reduction by measuring energy consumption before and after the installation of the SolarCool technology.


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As a leading developer of software for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, we were delighted to provide the ubiworx™ software framework to enable an Intel® Quark™ based IoT Gateway to perform refrigeration energy monitoring. The power consumption is measured using power meters connected to the industrial class Gateway. The readings are aggregated by the Gateway and transferred to the ubiworx™ cloud service, where the valuable data is securely stored. Our user-friendly desktop and mobile app is used to easily retrieve stored data from the cloud service and display reports of daily/monthly power consumption trends and forecasted energy costs.

SolarCool will appeal to many because of the significant reduction in average daily consumption of electricity – in this case it calculated to be 41.5% for December/January compared with pre-installation levels measured in September. In addition, using SolarCool also reduces the owners’ exposure to future Carbon Taxation.


Read the full SolarCool case study on this project, here.


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