We used ubiworx™ to carry out an energy monitoring solution that optimizes refrigeration costs.


We used our ubiworx™ software framework to implement an energy monitoring solution alongside SunSource Energy's SolarCool refrigeration installation at a Spar supermarket in Glen Easton, Leixlip, Co. Kildare. 


Gathering Data and Telemetry Reading

Retrievable Data from
the Cloud Service

Easy-to-read data
from our app

Maintenance Visits



emutex SunSource Energy

SunSource Energy

Our role was to prove the reduction of energy by measuring the consumption before and after the installation of SunSource's SolarCool technology in refrigeration systems.

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emutex spar leixlip

Spar shop in Leixlip, Co. Kildare

The readings are aggregated by the Gateway and transferred to the ubiworx™ cloud service, where the valuable data is securely stored.


Our user-friendly desktop and mobile app is used to retrieve stored data from the cloud and display trends and forecasted energy costs.

emutex optimize refrigeration costs

Analyzing the easy-to-read data



ubiworx network

ubiworx™ schema

SolarCool will appeal to many because of the significant reduction in average daily consumption of electricity.


In this case it calculated to be 41.5% for December/January compared with pre-installation levels measured in September. In addition, using SolarCool also reduces the owners’ exposure to future Carbon Taxation.

emutex solarcool product

SolarCool product


Read the full SolarCool case study on this project, here.

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