Emutex developed the ubiworx™ IoT framework to allow rapid development and deployment of Industrial IoT solutions.    


This complements many other IoT frameworks which tend to be cloud focused and omit important aspects such as protocol translation, data normalization, sensor configuration and sensor management. ubiworx™ enables Industrial IoT customers to rapidly develop a complete end-to-end solution that takes data from sensor to cloud without, in many cases, having to develop any software.


Industrial Plant
Equipment Monitoring

Gathering Data and Telemetry Reading

Monitoring Temperature
and Humidity

Easy-to-read data
from our web portal



emutex Monitoring Industrial Plant 29 edited

The Supermicro E100-8Q IoT Gateway System

The main advantage of the E100-8Q is the low cost due to the Intel® Quark CPU and the integrated digital (GPIO) and analog (ADC) I/O interfaces.


On the right is a trend graph of the temperature and humidity. It also clearly shows an outage where power was cut.

emutex Monitoring Industrial Plant 31 edited

Temperature and Humidity trends



emutex Monitoring Industrial Plant 3 Edited

Vibration Monitoring

A total of seven SuperMicro E100-8Q gateways were used.


Three were used as Wi-Fi access points ("branch" nodes). Four were used as Wi-Fi clients ("leaf" nodes).


A Linux VM provided by the client was used as the broker ("root" node).

emutex Monitoring Industrial Plant 5 Edited

Polymer Weight



ubiworx network

ubiworx™ schema

The ubiworx™ broker collects data from all clients and provides a single web portal to manage an entire estate of gateways and sensors.


Overall, our client was happy to announce that this trial passed all of the original test parameters.

emutex Monitoring Industrial Plant 30 original

SCADA view



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