Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technologies can be critical in building distributed IoT systems.


At Emutex, we have recently been evaluating SIGFOX technology and adding it to our portfolio of IoT communication technologies supported by our ubiworx™ IoT Software Framework.


Remote data gathering
of remote sensor nodes

Sensors connected remotely

Retrievable Data from
the Cloud Service

Easy-to-read data
from our web portal



emutex sigfox device

SIGFOX device

SIGFOX has many unique selling points which make it attractive as a communication technology for a wide range of IoT applications.


SIGFOX offers advantages in terms of power consumption, running costs, and coverage in some geographical areas or environments where other communication technologies may not be viable.

emutex sigfox data

Accessible data from anywhere



emutex sigfox vtnetworks

SIGFOX operated by VT Networks

ubiworx™ defines a compact ubiworx™ Sensor Protocol (USP) which is ideal for optimising the use of SIGFOX messages.


It achieves tiny message sizes without sacrificing functionality or flexibility.

emutex sigfox IoT




ubiworx network

ubiworx™ schema

In addition to connecting remote sensor nodes, ubiworx™ gateways can leverage SIGFOX as a primary or back-up communication path to a central server.

emutex ubiworx login

ubiworx™ login screen



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