What is it?

MyCar is a demonstration of Emutex’s ubiworx product in a telematics application. Installed on an Intel Quark based platform and connected to the OBD II port on a passenger vehicle, the ubiworx software sensor gateway provides remote access to key vehicle operating parameters such as speed, engine RPM, MPG and GPS location. The information can then be monitored, analysed and displayed on web apps and mobile devices. A dash mounted camera is connected to the Intel Quark board via USB and can be triggered to capture video based on pre-set thresholds. E.g. excessive speed, motion or impact.


With the Intel Quark platform mounted in the vehicle and connected to the OBDII port the ubiworx IoT framework is used to access speed and engine rpm. GPS and accelerometer sensors on the Intel Quark platform provide information on location and any impacts that the vehicle may encounter e.g. from speed bumps or other vehicles in the event of an accident.

A dash mounted forward facing camera, connected via USB to the Intel Quark platform provides a continuous stream of video showing the journey. Data from the sensors can be aggregated and analysed locally by ubiworx to trigger “events” at the device level.

Read more about it on www.emutexlabs.com

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