ubiworx IoT Software Framework

ubiworx™ is our IoT software framework for embedded systems running Linux. ubiworx enables embedded systems to bridge sensors, actuators and machines with data analytics systems and smart phone applications to form complete IoT Gateways in Internet of Things solutions.

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ubiworx network



IoT Software for Professionals

The following devices are examples of embedded systems that run our ubiworx IoT software framework to enable them to function as IoT Gateways in enterprise and industrial class IoT solutions.



Advantech UTX 3110
IoT Gateway


IoT Gateway


Dell Wyse 3000
Dell Wyse 3000
IoT Gateway


SuperMicro IoT Gateway System E100-8Q
SuperMicro E100-8Q
IoT Gateway



IoT Gateway Devices

 ubiworx provides OEMs, Integrators and Solution Providers with an end to end secure and proven rapid application development framework designed to deliver embedded intelligence to IoT gateways and devices.


Device Cloud Software

ubiworx Broker Cloud software provides logic intelligence and triggers, combined with data collection, storage and analysis to extract true business value and measureable ROI from IoT connected devices.


Monitoring & Control

Temperature, Weight, Humidity, Light,

Motion, Vibration, Speed,

Location, Volume, Flow, Energy ...



IoT Software for Makers

ubiworx runs on a variety of maker boards including UP, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and Intel Galileo. ubiworx runs on Linux. We provide ubilinux, a Debian based Linux distribution, for Intel based maker boards.


Intel Edison 150px


Operating System


ubilinux is a Debian based embedded Linux distribution, targeted at embedded IoT devices that have limited memory and storage capabilities.


up board

Software Framework


ubiworx delivers embedded intelligence to IoT devices, and enables endpoint monitoring and control over IoT sensors and acuators.

cloud broker


Device Cloud Software

ubiworx Broker or 3rd Party

ubiworx Broker collects, stores and converts raw data into valuable business information helping to improve efficiencies, lower costs & deliver higher productivity across a wide range of industries and applications.

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Resource Zone



Video Tutorials


Get up and running with ubiworx. Video tutorials that walk you step by step through the process of installing ubiworx, connecting sensors & actuators and setting up event driven rules.





Need help on the embedded side or want to know how you can build your custom Apps on top of our RESTful API? Checkout our detailed documentation for the Broker Interface, REST API and building custom Lua modules that work with your sensors.





We have provided detailed documentation as well as tutorial videos to help new users get started. We are also always open to feedback and can answer any questions a user may have about ubiworx. How can we help? Get in touch.


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